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  • 8th Graded all work turned into the bin, Forms of Government video worksheet and Forms of Government notes.


  • 7th/8th Graded Forms of Government Video Worksheets turned into Classkick

  • 7th/8th Graded Forms of Government Notes turned into Classkick

  • 6th/7th/8th Graded Achieve For assignments due 9/20

  • 7th/8th Updated Quiz grades for 7th/8th

  • Added a new category to the menu up top. This is called the Quiz corrections tab. I will be putting quiz correction locations in this tab to give everyone a hint at where to find the correct evidence for the answers. I am not giving exactly where to find the answer, but I am narrowing it down so less time is spent on them. I also list any questions you can skip.

9/19- 7th/8th Forms of Government Notes available online. Assignments tab updated.

6th- Colonial America Notes Part 1 Available online. Assignments tab updated.

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