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This week we will be going over those lovely rules and procedures. It has to be done. It may go by slowly, but once they are mastered, we can get back to moving along. Learn how to use Classkick as we go through this as it is going to be very valuable moving forward.

You will notice the monitors below now show the latest assignments given to you. If you click on them they will zoom in.



Added Rules and Procedures assignment to the calendar with a direct link to Classkick. Check it out to see if it works. When you turn the assignment in, remember to click the green hand in the top right to let me know it is done.

Oh and updated the monitors down below..


8/17 - Updated Assignment and Contact information

8/18- Added Video Worksheets to all class assignments

As you will notice, in the assignments you will be able to click on the link and it will take you to the classkick version of the assignment. The first page it will take you to will be a class code page that will ask you for your name. Ignore this and click login and just login like you normally would.

I added an example of what to do below

Classkick ignore.gif
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